Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is a Solar Power Plant (SPP)?

SPPs are power plants that generate electricity using energy (photons) from the sun. These plants can be installed on a small roof or on a huge land. Although the size of the power plants varies according to the power to be generated, the working principle of all SPPs is the same.  Solar power plants do not cause any harm to nature and are extremely profitable energy investments in terms of construction, operation and efficiency.

2- Do Solar Power Plant / Systems Produce in Sunless and Overcast Weather?

Solar panels produce every day when the sun rises and are not affected by overcast or rainy weather. However, on sunny days, the amount of energy produced by the panels will increase as more sunlight will come to the surface of the panel. Solar panels do not only produce at night.

3- Does Hail or Snowfall Affect Solar Power Plants?

Since very high strength glass is used in solar panels, it is resistant to strain. This resistance value is included as information on the panels. Snow or rainfall does not affect the panels.  However, since snow accumulation on the panel will reduce heat and electrical energy, the panel should be mounted at a high angle with the ground.

4- Who Can Install Unlicensed Solar Energy System?

Anyone who is an electricity subscriber, any real or legal person can establish an unlicensed electricity generation facility. These persons must have at least one consumption facility, i.e. a subscription.

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